TMC Meeting Minutes 13th October 2018

MINUITES General Meeting 10.30 am 13th October 2018 Held at RHD Iron Horse Bar & Grill


General Meeting 10.30 am 13th October 2018  

Held at  RHD  Iron Horse Bar & Grill 


Chairman Paul Bullock


Attendance     P Bullock,  S Hrycyszyn,  N Targett,  H Van Zetten,  M Boyd


Apologies       J Penny, D Penny, J Wollander, T McCarthy, B Passey.


                   Minutes of  Previous meeting 13th  Sept 2018,  Read as true and correct

                   Moved M Boyd, Sec  P Bullock        PASSED


           Business arising from Minutes

                  Meeting with Jeremy Rockliff       P Bullock has sent request for meeting.

                  P Bullock has contacted RSAC re motorists awareness of lane filtering.


Correspondence         As Tabled

                  Motochat FM radio Email received.

                  Roadwatch News Letter for October received.

                  P Bullock letter to Dept State Growth Re! Novice Rider speed sent.


                      As tabled M Boyd    Sec  N Targett       PASSED

Treasurers Report

                                Balance as 30th Sept   $ 2,709.48

                                Bills for payment TABLED $ $ 1,135.48

                                Presented P Bullock Sec N Targett        PASSED

General Business

                                CMA National Run 19th—25th Oct Camp Clayton and Poatina.

                                MRA Awareness ride reminder 17th  Nov 2018 Meet at Perth.

                                Ross Bike Show 25th Nov.


                                H Van Zetten requested more fold out bike brochures be done Sec N Targett


NEXT MEETING  10.30am Saturday 16th Feb at the Iorn Horse Bar & Grill


Meeting Closed 11.15 am

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