Here are some facts, figures and statistics on motorcycles, motorcyclists and crash data in Tasmania.

Did you know?

  • In the past decade, motorcycles have represented only 3% of all registered vehicles in Tasmania, yet account for 21% of serious casualties.
  • There are 49 829 licenced motorcyclists in Tasmania, yet only 16 487 registered motorcycles (as at 30 June 2014).
  • Motorcycles were involved in 342 claims to MAIB in 2013/14, compared with 288 in 2012/13.
  • Of these claims, only 5 were interstate riders.
  • Approximately 70% of all motorcycle claims were from single-vehicle crashes.
  • The majority of motorcycle crashes are ‘off path on curves’ – accounting for 35% of crashes. 15.8% of crashes involve running off the road on a straight, 16% are head on with another vehicle and 12.6% are from manoeuvring a motorcycle.
  • Inexperience is a factor in 34% of crashes, inattention a factor in 30% of crashes and excessive speed for the conditions/circumstances a factor in 28% of crashes.
  • Exceeding the speed limit is a factor in 11% of crashes – with road defects also being a factor in 11% of crashes.
  • However excessive speed for the conditions was a factor in 51% of fatalities, and exceeding the speed limit a factor in 46% of fatalities.
  • 57% of crashes occurred on non-urban roads where the speed limit was 80km/h or above.
  • Novice riders accounted for 44.4% of claims in 2013/14, despite making up less than 10% of licence holders.

Information compiled and summarised from MAIB and Department of State Growth data and statistics. 

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